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Business seeks suggestions for worthy local charities


Charity begins at home, the saying goes. But if you’re Caernarfon-based web design company Delwedd, it really begins at the office.

Each year, Delwedd builds a website free of charge for a charity, organisation or business based in North Wales that supports the local community. This year, for the first time, they are asking for submissions.

“All we ask from the entrants is to tell us why we should pick them,” says Ceri Roberts, Web Designer and Office Manager at Delwedd. “Once the closing date has passed, we will review the entries and pick a winner based on who we feel would most benefit.”
Delwedd has built more than 10 charity websites over the years, with the only aim to support the local community.

Last year, Delwedd chose charity Gafael Llaw, which supports children and young people from Gwynedd and Anglesey who have cancer. 

“We are proud to be able to help these charities and organisations that give so much back to the community themselves,” says Ceri.

Delwedd was founded in 1998 by Ceri’s father Michael Roberts and run by him and her mother, Jennifer, until they retired. The business is now run by Ceri and her brother Aled (both pictured). Three other people also work full-time.

In addition to building a website each year for a charity, as Welsh first-language speakers, they also offer to build a Welsh language side of their customers’ websites free of charge.