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20 Questions: Chris Marsh, Agents Of


Name? Chris Marsh

Age? 38

Business name? Agents Of

Located in…? Manchester

What do you do? I act as a brand ambassador for a handful of tech and digital marketing companies in the North West to help them grow. 

When did you become ‘self-employed’? October 2017

What prompted you to make the ‘leap’? I've always wanted to do it but I felt it was the right time to use my experience and help more people.

Do you miss employment? Not really, I've always been taught as a sales person to think self-employed and manage my own time, I do miss being around regular people but my days are so varied...

In your personal experience, what’s the best thing about self-employment? The flexibility of deciding what to do and when to do it!

What’s surprised you most about working for yourself? I think I've found it easier than what I thought, everyone commented about how brave I was but the change seemed inevitable because I'd planned it for so long...

What’s the best piece of advice you could give anyone else thinking of becoming self- employed? Plan, prepare and prepare some more. Also, get a mentor who'll challenge you and make you think of different scenarios and ideas.

What’s the toughest aspect of self-employment? Asking people to pay you isn't natural to me but I'm learning it's just business!

Did you know there are 4.8m self-employed people in the UK? This surprises me! Should be more...

Does the Government do enough to support people like these? I don't feel as though I've had much support from the government at all (my accountant might tell me differently!)

Is being self-employed worth it? Definitely, however I only felt comfortable enough to go for it once I had enough experience from working with different business owners and teams.

Would you ever consider being an employee again? I really don't think so but never say never!

Have you ever considered ‘the next step’ becoming an employer – i.e. taking on staff? Perhaps in the future yes! I'm still in my first year and understanding what the expectations from my clients are...

What’s the biggest barrier to self-employment? Your employer might try and talk you out of it, also your family if you've a mortgage and bills to pay etc! I told someone my plan and they asked me "What's stopping you Chris?"

Do you think schools should promote self-employment as a career option? 100%, we live in a world with so many options to take, I was an apprentice after college so I didn't go to university, I wanted to work from an early age but I always felt like if I didn't g to university I'd be considered a failure...I'm glad of the route I took but was never encouraged to do it at education level even though my favourite subject was Business Studies!