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East Anglia members visit Westminster

Broadband and skills were high on the agenda at a meeting, held at Westminster, between FSB East Anglia members and a number of the region’s MPs. 

Members who attended the event, sponsored by Clive Lewis MP, were first taken on a tour of the Houses of Parliament, with the guides providing fascinating insights into the traditions and history of the buildings. 

At the conclusion of the tour, members headed to one of the committee rooms at the Palace of Westminster, where MPs from across Norfolk and Suffolk came to hear about the challenges being faced by small businesses in the region. 

The key theme of the discussion was connectivity, with a number of attendees saying that their broadband connections remained unreliable despite continued progress on the superfast roll-out. 

Particularly eager to hear about these issues was Matt Hancock, who is both the MP for West Suffolk and also the government’s Digital Minister. 

Another focus of the discussion was the skills agenda, with Norwich North MP Chloe Smith highlighting her Norwich for Jobs project as an example of the work being undertaken to tackle the challenge. 

Following the meeting, a number of the attendees headed off to the London Eye for a networking event that provided some spectacular views of the city.

FSB Development Manager Andrew Mower said: “We were delighted to facilitate an opportunity for FSB members to have their voices heard by our politicians, and we’ll be taking forward a number of actions in the region to ensure that the concerns of small businesses are taken fully into account.”