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How one London firm is using consultants to help grow their small business

Anne Larrass-Gastaldo manages the London operations of Larrass Translations, a translations agency based in Ottawa, Canada. Her role includes translating, proofreading and handling the business’s communications and marketing efforts.
Larrass Translations was founded by Anne’s German father, Michael Larrass, in 2001 in Canada, using his love of language to build a business.
What began as a one-man show has evolved into a team of approximately 4 in-house and close to 100 freelance translators and revisers across the globe.
The business is the epitome of an independent family business, starting from humble beginnings, bringing in the next generation as the company has grown.
But managing the succession process is one that is often challenging for many successful businesses.


Pictured above, Anne Larrass-Gastaldo


While Anne’s primary reason for moving to London is to grow the business, they are also working with FSB Affiliates ‘Business Doctors’, to develop a five-year succession plan.
Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to bring in outside experts to help a successful business make major changes.
Certainly the experts will not know as much about the business as the founder, but they will bring an objective perspective to the table that is free from emotional connections.
A significant portion of Larrass Translations’ work is for law firms, government, NGOs and private clients, so it is vital that the handover is carefully planned to ensure a smooth and seamless transition that does not affect business operations or unsettle clients.
Her father’s guiding philosophy of operating with integrity in the spirit of honesty and trust helped the business flourish and will now be at the heart of the planning.
There is no doubt that a lot of energy and time will be needed over the coming years and months as the company moves on to a new chapter, so it’s good to learn that Anne still has time for exploring her new home.
She’s learning to drive on the left, taking her family on trips to the Lake District, but it’s London where she will be carving out her sense of belonging as she steers her father’s company into the future.