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What you need to know about the countdown to GDPR legislation

The General Data Protection Requirements, known as GDPR, is new legislation that comes in to force in the UK on the 25th May 2018.  As business owners you need to ensure you have a plan to avoid non-compliance.

Are you fed up with your personal data finding its way to people you’d rather didn’t have it or concerned about the scale and impact of data breaches reported in the press? If so, GDPR was designed to help protect your rights as an individual to control how your personal data is used by charities, private companies and public bodies.

The information Commissioners Office (ICO) has, under the GDPR legislation, a wide range of enforcement powers including the ability to levy significant fines.

Leading Welsh businesses recently formed the GDPR Alliance to provide a single gateway for businesses as they seek the expert knowledge and organisations to help them achieve their compliance roadmap. The alliance can found at 

Chris Roberts from GDPR Alliance commented “I’m often asked, what areas of my business may need attention if we are to become complaint?”  Simply put, you won’t know until a GDPR audit or assessment has been carried out. A well-structured and presented audit will give you a roadmap towards compliance.

As the first action in your GDPR project, why not take a simple GDPR quiz - to help you understand the scale of the work ahead?